Software de Matriz de treinamento

TREINAWEB - Training Matrix

TREINAWEB was created to manage in a simple and friendly way the Training Matrix and the Training Needs of each enterprise. Acceding the standard ISO 10.015, through TREINAWEB the enterprise ensures that... Read more

Software de Listas de verificação/Checklist

SIGEL - Verification Lists

SIGEL was developed for the control of processes and products through verification lists (LV) or checklist. It allows complicated processes to be correctly monitored and registered, in a quick and effective way by professionals... Read more

Software de Desenvolvimento de intranets

INTRANET - Internal Communication

Along with integrated programs, Webdutos also provides intranet fot the internal use on entreprises. Through it the company has controlled access to dashboard, indicator panels, documents consultation and files and information in an integrated way... Read more

Software de Controle de Fluxo Colaborativo Diretórios & Arquivos

AUTOLINK - Controle de Fluxo Colaborativo Diretórios & Arquivos

Autolink is an Electronic Document Management or Electronic Document Management software. É a technology that assists in the sharing, control, retrieval, and storage of... Ler mais

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