Homens trabalhando em uma construção com duas retroescavadeiras e um caminhão


Among business with a defined life cycle, the civil construction has unique characteristics that are more exigent than other construction’s. Usually, the civil constructions has life cycles variating between 6 month to 5 years, and use high outsourcing degrees with turn-over rates that occur according to the project’s rules. Managing this kind of scenarios is especially difficult and demands quick responses to the occurring problems. Our softwares give this type of answers, because they are projected to quickly generate the results from the registration data that are daily inserted in a decentralized manner.

One example is SRC module, used in a decentralized way since the enterprise’s entrance to verify the basic requirements of the employees’ pre-admission. Going through Occupational Health, which will already have the personal data of every candidate to continue their anamnesis. The cycle continues with Occupational Health, that will check the releases made by the entrance, RH and Health departments, and continue with integration and initial training until Contractual Administration, that knows exactly which headcount in on the business.


Applicable Modules

  • QUALIDOCDocuments Distribution
  • SRCContractual Requirements
  • RDOWEBLabor Journal
  • SIGELVerification Lists (LV)
  • CONFORMECommissioning and Industrial Assembly
  • TAGNETTools Calibrations


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