Foto de uma industria de energia, com montanhas e por do sol atrás


On the two last decades a consistent increasing on the energy consume of the entire world’s sources started occurring. Important indicators, as the ones publicised by EIA, show preponderance on the consume of fossil energy sources – especially oil -, nowadays and in the future. That also goes to the consume of renewable sources that have received incentives and shows the production constant increasing.

In Brazil, new challenges started appearing with the urgent need to connect the transmission system, which have been appointed by the sector’s specialists as the main cause of crisis.

On that context, Webdutos is a partner of companies connected to the energy industry, providing applicable softwares for infrastructure constructions – as hydropower plants – and linear constructions as transmission lines. We have solutions that can be used for tracing processes and materials, inspections, suppliers’ qualification, etc. You can get to know more of our solutions in the area of industry softwares, or application areas in this page.


Foto da obra Complexo do Parnaíba em Santo Antônio dos Lopes/MA

Complexo do Parnaíba

Santo Antônio dos Lopes/MA
Foto da obra Ciranda fase I - Projeto Solar em São José do Belmonte/PE

Ciranda fase I - Projeto Solar

São José do Belmonte/PE

Ciranda fase II - Projeto Solar

São José do Belmonte/PE

Applicable Modules

  • GSWEBSocial Management
  • RDOWEBLabor Journal
  • QUALIDOCDocuments Distribution
  • SRCContractual Requirements
  • CONFORMECommissioning and Industrial Assembly
  • SIGELVerification Lists (LV)


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