Autolink - Collaborative Flow Control Directories & Files - is a software for Electronic Document Management or Electronic Document Management. It is a technology that assists in sharing, controlling, retrieving and storing files containing a company's information.

With this system it is possible to access the documents quickly and safely, through a Web browser, and view them anywhere, making people's work easier and avoiding damage, because they were previously scanned.


Tela inicial do software Autolink

Software x User Integration

Access is via internet with a browser, without additional installations, with simple operations, through authentication by password and access code.

Tela de tipos de acesso do software Autolink

Access flow - Profile

The access matrix is configured in two parts: Profile x Directory. The first is made up of access profiles. Each user is associated with a profile type.

Tela de genciar diretórios do software Autolink

Access Flow - Directory

Directories represent folders and are controlled by the Administrator user. Each directory has rules that apply according to the level of each user.

Tela de gerenciar arquivos/dpcumentos do software Autolink

Directory & File Managements

Depending on the level, the user can download, create, move, rename and delete files or directories.

Gráfico colorido mostrando a Distribuição de arquivos por diretórios


The software has a statistical feature that presents indicators in real time, as the user user navigates and uses the allowed resources.



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The platform does not require additional software. Use a simple web browser of your browser of your choice.


Usability is a concept applied by Webdutos in the development of software such as AUTOLINK. Through it, we think first about who will use the the program and then in who develops it. The result is simpler, more pleasant and easy to operate.


Fully compatible with electronic files such as PDF, Excel, images and videos.


Indicators are generated in real time by saving information from reports and documents.


Yes, the technology used in AUTOLINK eliminates the need for installation of additional software on user workstations. The updates are made only on the server, adopting centralized architecture in order to facilitate maintenance.
The platform works correctly on the main modern browsers available today, such as Google Chrome Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Yes, the graphical interface is intuitive and has a real-time graph for dashboard tracking.

Users can open support calls by email any day and time of the week. For calls via phone or Teams support is available during business hours Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Only the Administrator will have full access, with permissions to create other users and define access profiles for each of them. Users at lower levels will have more restrictive access, within what has been defined by the Administrator.

The management of how the system will behave is within the scope of the administrator. Depending on the user level, it is possible to download, create, delete, move and rename files or directories.

Yes. Each supplier, or contracted company, receives a login and password to access, view and meet the contractual the contractual requirements between it and your enterprise.



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