QUALIDOC was developed to control all the technical documents, projects and registrations distribution cycle. Since emission, internal or external approval, distribution and management of hangs. The distribution of those documents represents a complex activity which can be done by Qualidoc through five main points:

1. Ensures that the documents that need approval have modifications properly analysed.

2. Ensures the proper staff receive controlled copies containing the same information.

3. Ensures the traceability of what has been distributed, knowing whom has it been sent to and the quantity of copies.

4. Ensures the immediate distribution of new documents or modified ones.

5. Ensures that obsolete documents are taken out of circulation.


Tela de Revisões e Versionamento com gráfico de pizza do Qualidoc

Revisions and Versioning

Qualidoc controls the document through its revisions, classifying each one according to the status and allocating the distribution, obsolete copies recollection and tracing files in an automatic way.

Tela de indicadores cruzados com gráfico de Tramitação por semana do Qualidoc

Crossed Indicators

Qualidoc makes various indicators that allow an easy and quick monitoring for elaboration, approval, distribution and recollection of documents and controlled copies.

Tela de distribuição com gráfico de Status das Revisões Tramitadas por Mês do Qualidoc


All the distribution is controlled in a simple and effective way by the emission of Documents Shipment Guides (GRD / transmittal). GRDs can be generated by one click eliminating the hangs of distribution.

Página matriz de distribuição com tabela

Distribution Matrix

Qualidoc allows you to generate Distribution Matrixes to each sector to control your documents or a unique integrated matrix to the centralized distribution. With a friendly and easy to operate screen, Qualidoc makes the distribution automatically by prints of controlled copies, electronic despatches (email) or a cell phone notification (SMS) of each recipient informing new revisions.

Tela de lista mestra de documentos

Master List

You will not have to generate and update the Master Documents List: just enrol the initial revision of the document and Qualidoc will do it automatically! Through it you are still capable of tracing all the historic of the revisions and who has each one of the controlled copies emitted.

Tela de documentos controlados

Controlled Documents

Qualidoc will give you different resources that will allow controlling not only the document but also the electronic file, preventing improper printings and featuring watermarks on every controlled copy emitted.


Acceding the standards

Qualidoc is acceding the standards ISO 9001 – Item 4.2 – sub-item 4.2.3 Documentation Requirements OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001. It is also compatible with the standards of PETROBRAS N-381 – Execution of Drawing and Other Technical Documents in General, N-1710 – Technical Documents Codification / N-2064 – Emission and Revision of Project Documents.

Costs Reductions

QUALIDOC can be used to make the distribution of documents in an electronic way without the need to print. There are cases that show a reduction of 70% on the volume of controlled copies.

Robust and Fancy

QUALIDOC is a robust software. It controls all the documents flow, since emission, internal and external approval (customer and inspection), distribution and management of hangs and recollection of obsolete copies.

Easy Access

Accessed via an internet navigator, such as Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome or Firefox, without the need of installing any additional programs on the users’ workstations.


Usability is a concept applied by Webdutos on the making of softwares like QUALIDOC. Through it, it’s firstly thought who will use the program and after who develops. The results are simpler programs, which are also pleasant and easy to operate.


QUALIDOC chats with other Webdutos’ modules, aiming the exchange of information between sectors. This approach reduces the necessary time for the information to reach who needs it and inhibit errors propagation.

Interactive Master List with access control

Control all documents in the enterprise. Control access to digitized documents with a click of the mouse.


Yes. QUALIDOC allows you to generate different matrices, such as matrix for QSM, matrix for quality documents matrix, and engineering matrix.

Yes. For example, if a document is indicated to be distributed to headquarters the software automatically generates the distribution to the correct people.

Yes, QUALIDOC generates remittance slips automatically for hardcopy printing or automated by e-mail.

Yes. All controlled copies are treated as highly traceable, allowing you to locate the people who received them and the people who received them and when this occurred.

Yes. All events associated with documents, such as review, analysis, submissions and receipts are stored in the system audit.

Yes, it has integration for exporting reports in Excel and PDF.

Yes, it has time tracking counters. With them it is possible to know, for example, how long a person or company took to analyze and approve a document.

Yes, the form for generating the remittance slip (GRD) is controlled and adherent to ISO 9001.

Yes, it generates Master List with and without traceability of events, including the prediction of when the controlled copies should be issued.

Yes, the validity of each revision is calculated automatically based on the document's registration.

Yes, QUALIDOC prints a custom watermark containing traceability information for the information for the document.

Yes, control is done through Qualidoc's integration with Acrobat PDF to restrict editing and printing of controlled copies.

Yes. When generating document packages, QUALIDOC assembles the print book for sending to the printer with feature.

Yes. The graphical interface is intuitive and has several real-time graphs for dashboard tracking.

Yes, each enterprise can configure QUALIDOC to cross-reference existing information in different ways.

Yes, it is integrated with email for sending remittance slips and documents digitally (paperless).

No. This is made automatically by QUALIDOC. During the implantation phase, Webdutos’ Analysts are going to codify your organization’s documents distribution rules on QUALIDOC. Then, the program is going to warn you about the need of delivering the controlled copies or recollection of obsolete versions.

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