Standards such as ISO and OHSAS determine that equipment which impact on the quality of processes and products must be calibrated and checked. TAGNET was developed to attend that control, simple and effectively, ensuring the quality of the required product and pre-established requirements.

Through TAGNET the enterprise ensures traceability and calibration on the specific frequency breaks. The module also has an Enterprise Tolerance Chart, to ensure the used equipment are in conformity with the internal approved requirements.

Through TAGNET the enterprise guarantees:

1. That each instrument has a unique identification (TAG)

2. It avoids the use of instruments with outdated calibration.

3. Checks the certificates against the Tolerance Table specified by Quality Control

4. You know which professional has the instrument with the use of the Caution Sheet.


Tela de situação de instrumentos com o nome, tag, fabricante e situação de calibração de cada instrumento

Equipment Situation

Quick access to the equipment list, classified by status.

Tela inicial do Tagnet com o logo branco Webdutos e um gráfico indicador de Situação de calibração


Monitor status, calibration, laboratories, equipment types, errors & deviation and tolerances.

Tabela de tolerancia normativa para cada instrumento mostrando como cadastrar as tolerâncias do instrumentos

Tolerance Charts

TAGNET has normative tolerances chart for each equipment, but you can sign up your business’ defined tolerances.

Tela de prazos de calibração com informações sobre o instrumento, tag, serial, fabricante, empresa e setor

Calibration Deadlines

Automatic monitoring the calibration deadlines: Anticipate recollection of the equipment that need attention before its expiration.

Tela de certificados de calibrações internas com o número do certificado, instrumento, tag, data de emissão e fabricante

Internal Calibration

TAGNET allows you to emit appropriate controlled certificates upon measurement of equipment traced by an internal standard.

Tela de rastreabilidade mostrnado o local onde o instrumento foi utilizado, onde está armazenado ou com quem está.


Besides equipment data, TAGNET also has registers of places where the tools were used, on which reports they appear, where it was left or whom has it.


Easy Access

Accessible via an internet navigator, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, without the need to install any additional programs on the users’ workstations.


TAGNET ensures the calibration of equipment to be made on the right dates and on the tolerance conditions defined by the enterprise.


TAGNET consolidates laboratories information, certificates verification calculations and gets time to allow the certificates to be consulted electronically via the users’ preferred internet navigator.

Information Quality

TAGNET prevents two instruments from having the same TAG, detects inconsistence on certificates and indicate whom has each equipment.


TAGNET has an excellent learning curve: it is easy to operate and to get information.

More Resources

Through TAGNET your business can emit Internal Calibration certificates on controlled forms for each measured instrument by your own standard.


Yes. TAGNET has the form design of your business and fills it on PDF, according to all gaps, logos and informed format.

Yes. All Webdutos' programs can be used via internet as well as via the internal network of the enterprise. This way, they work normally even when there is no internet link.

Yes. TAGNET allows combining different quantities on different scales. The calibration is checked and saved according to the standards defined by the enterprise.

Yes. TAGNET emits monitoring reports, notifying with the desired advance about the equipment situation. It also emits warning via email automatically.

TAGNET also controls the professionals who have each tool, makes unique TAGs lists, number of certificates, how many equipment are there, laboratories, tracing standards.

All Webdutos’ modules are integrated. For example, inspections modules will exhibit what equipment can be used on each report, based on TAGNET’s database information. By doing so, there will be no TAGs that cannot be used on reports.



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