Along with integrated programs, Webdutos also provides INTRANET for internal use on business. Through it, the enterprise has controlled access to the dashboard, indicator panels, documents and archives consultation and information integrated between sectors.

Divulgating the information can be made precisely on each sector or automatically on Webdutos’ platform. That way, the information will always be updated and integrated.


Tela de banco de imagens com foto de uma obra de dutos

Image Bank

Use it for divulgation photos from events, photographic reports and various images.

Tela de boletins informativos com um boletim de exemplo

Report Cards

Divulgate Informing Report Cards by sectors, interesting themes or subjects.

Tela de consulta de documentos com uma lista de todas as RNCs

Consultate Documents

When integrating modules as Qualidoc your business is capable of consultating controlled documents, forms, consignment notes and other things

Tela de informações relevantes com um organograma exemplo

Important Information

Standardize information distribution in only one place.

Tela de vídeos com um vídeo de uma obra de dutos


Save and spare internal videos for trainings, divulgation or internal marketing.

Tela de arquivos com certificados e modelos de formulários


Have a database loaded with important files such as certificates and form designs.


Information Control

The information is collectedly divulgated and the access is only avaiable to internal staff.

Information Standardization

The information is archived in only one place and you can be sure that the user gets the correct information and files.

Simple Access

You do not need to install anything, just use your preferred internet navigator.


The maintenance cost is the lowest on the software market.

Simple Updates

Webdutos' INTRANET is a powerful indicator framework that automatically shows all the used modules.

Better Divulgation

Considered the best internal divulgation tool by performance, information quality and the low maintenance cost.


Yes. Webdutos' INTRANET is compatible with all main internet navigators, such as Internet Explorer, Firfox, Google Chrome of Safari.

es. The INTRANET developed by us is compatible with phones, Android or IOS or Windows Phone and tablets.

Yes. Each sector interested on updating their own information recieves a personal password that will allow it to update data and save their own files.

Webtudos developed its own methodology that automates a large part of INTRANET's update. The graphic indicators are generated by the acquired modules are automatically exhibited on INTRANET. Other example is, to divulgate files (like trip reports) you only have to indicate the directory on the configurations and it will be automatically updated on INTRANET.

Yes. Request the the specific proposal for this case.

Indicators, consultation screens, charts, reports, extracts and summaries generated on modules can also be seen via INTRANET.



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