Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most asked question related to our softwares

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We provide the softwares that you want to improve the cost-benefit relation.

Yes. All Webdutos' programs chat between each other no matter what are they or their configuration.

No. Although our programs can be used via a navigator, they can also be used on the local network, installed on your enterprises' network. That way, they work normally even when there is no internet link.

Through QUALIDOC, the information of all documents revisions are displayed, but onty the download link of the last revision is avaiable. The file is stamped with a watermark, to identify the user and the download date with a PDF printing block.

The users can open support calls via email at any time of the day or week. For calls via telephne or Teams, Webdutos attends customers on office hours, from Monday to Friday, since 9 AM to 6 PM.

Yes. The commercial technical offers that we emit have three different licensing options to maximize the cost-benefit relation. That way, smaller companies can use our softwares the same way large ones.

The license provided by Webdutos is perpetual, in other words, you keep accessing your content even after the end of the enterprise, because we work with the premise that all knowledge deposited on the database belongs to the contractor.

We look forward to making that integration in order to avoid reworks are retyping data. We have integration experience with softwares as Dutoline, Autocard, Citadon, MS-Project, SIGEM and other; but every case needs to be analysed to guarantee that the information is consistent.

No. The technology we use demands a low performance hardware. Even on older servers, over five years old, they can be used normally. In some cases we seize workstations over than three years old to be used as servers.

There is no additional costs to incorporate new requested resources. Our job philosophy recognizes as important attending the specific necessities of each enterprise to evolve our programs. That way, new improvement and functionalities requests are welcome!

All Webdutos' softwares are accessed via an internet navigator (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) or any other preferred by the user. There is no need to install anything for using our softwares.

Yes. All modules can be accessed via internet or the enterprise's internal network. That way, they work normally even when there is no internet link.

Yes. On that case, the investment values on the platform licensing and server implantation is not charged.

All the corrective maintenance (bugs removal) is guaranteed by Webdutos. We also give guarantee against mistake or errors made during the services realization with no additional burden for the enterpise.

Yes. Webdutos provides softwares on a SAAS model, which are installed on our datacenter and you only pay the monthly fee for the use.

When using the softwares from Webdutos' datacenter they are accessed via internet.That option has the lowest cost, because there is no investment with equipment as server and backup unit.

When using them locally, our softwares are installed on the enteprise's network. That option is indicated to business with low capacity internet links or unstable ones.



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