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  • Indicated to Camargo Corrêa Standard Award and Odebretch Realizations Innovation Case

This platform consists of a modular group of programs that load information on a central database. Each software (or module) that composes the platform works in an integrated manner with other modules through the database, producing the indicators and the results proposed. The integration between them has a single objective: optimize the information flow between the involved ones and increase the data trust by eliminating redundancies.

On the other hand, medium and large constructions do not go through urban zones with many people, consequently they cannot count with a high performance telecommunication infrastructure. Optical fibre links between constructions and high availability is not always ensured by the local infrastructure.

Webdutos’ original premise is that it has to be capable of connecting all the places that generate information through low performance internet links - for example, a radio with 256-shared Kilobits (Kb). Because of that with adopt a web technology that can be accessed via local network or an internet navigator, as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. That obligates us to develop programs thought to be quick and objective.

Other techniques for links with low capacity are also used, as de adoption of script interpreters instead of compiled modules, the use of “http” protocol instead of sockets, asynchronous methods as Ajax, local cache and conversion of files to lighter forms as PDF (Portable Document Format). With those, any data inserted at any point of the construction are propagated live and on all computers.

The use of internet technology to create the platform meets the necessity to facilitate its maintenance. The adopted computational architecture is the customer – server. On that model all the computers are connected to a central server, where all the processing is realized and where the database is. That way, the platform alterations are made only on the server that will automatically replicate all machines’ updates, reducing maintenance operations at once.



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