Software de Comissionamento de montagem industrial

PIPECONTROL - Commissioning & Industrial Assembly.

PIPECONTROL is used for the control of manufacture and assembly of pipes and accessories with resources that integrate the processes of Commisioning and Quality Inspections. It ensures high traceability of materials, inspections and... Read more

Software de Gestão de Não Conformidades - RNC

CONFORME - Management of Nonconformities

Conforme is a software that has the purpose of managing Nonconformities through Nonconformities Reports (RNC) and Corrective / Preventive Measures. Conforme is acceding to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 12001, OHSAS 18001 AND NBR 16001. All the standards are customizable to let the enterprise adjust the information on the data base to its forms... Read more

Software de Sistema de Requisitos Contratuais

SRC - Contractual Requirements Systems - Compliance

The abbreviation SRC means Contractual Requirements System and it's a software created to manage the service of requirements on companies and their staff and projects. It's regarded as requirements things from the documents delivering (of any kind) to events created by... Read more

Software de Gestão social - Partes interessadas e Ficha Cadastral

GSWEB - Social Management

The software GSWEB (Social Management) is a multi-user module that can be accessed via a navigator on internet, which has the purpose of managing social aspects of a enterprise and interested parts. It's composed of three main parts... Read more

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