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Software for construction management

More than 3000km of pipelines controlled by our software

Online tracking and integration of information throughout the project

Industrial assembly works

High degree of traceability for large volumes of information

Civil construction and infrastructure works

Quick results generated over daily logs


to Webdutos

We provide sofwares for engineering projects in Brazil and other countries dedicated to the management of linear constructions, industrial assembly, infrastructure and civil construction.



Consistent software that can be used entirely online, through internet browsers.



Programs designed to meet the needs of different projects and construction sites.



Integration between different sectors of the industry, in order to facilitate and speed up decisions.


Fair price

Proposals made in the form of a menu of options: pay only for what you want to hire.

Our Software

Interchangeable modules for quality, engineering, contract management, social management planning, HR, and commissioning.


Labor Work Report


Distribution of controlled copies


Quality and Inspection Control on Pipes


Certificated and Documents Calibration


Comissioning & Industrial Assembly


Management of Nonconformities


Contractual Requirements System


Social Management


Training Matrix


Verification Lists


Internal Communication


Collaborative Flow Control


Aimed at monitoring construction sites of various types through field notes, RDOWEB is available in browser and application formats.

This module allows communication between the construction company, manager, and end customer, and generates the CONFEA standard digital Daily Report.


Some of our services



Online infrastructure geolocated in Brazil, with access to the software via web browser.



Ongoing support at no additional charge, available by cell phone or e-mail.



Requests for improvements and new features are always welcome - we try to meet the specific needs of each customer.



Integration between modules and programs such as MS-Excel, MS-Project, Primavera, Climatempo, INMET, Ahgora PontoWEB, etc.

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Where we operate

Present throughout the national territory and in some Latin American countries, Webdutos is committed to developing the best software and services for small, medium and large works in all engineering segments. Our technology optimizes processes and changes the way in which the monitoring of works is done.

Regardless of the needs and location of your site, our software is widely adaptable and will perform its role as proposed.


Interchangeable Modules


Different screens and reports


km of pipeline


Monitoring Indicators


Attended customers

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"Webdutos' softwares have helped us to organize the scheduled routine on our Quality area from the documents control, assembly construction of the gas pipeline, oil pipelines and the stations. The technical support, training and constant evolution are the main characteristic that are emphasized on the platform. We appreciate all the support from Webdutos' staff on searching the solutions for our project."

Timóteo Progênio

System of Quality Management Coordinator

"Qualidoc helped us a lot with our projects control and distribution with all the company's production staff and the contractors. With it we managed to have total control of over 7.600 projects of ours and know whom has each sheet and it ensures an easy substitution when our projects are revised."

Cláudio A. Scanavini

Projects Manager - Parque da cidade

"The generation of live indicators and aligned with the Quality Plan provided a resulting improvement on monitoring the processes and the traceability of information."

Edvan Oliveira

Quality Coordinator - Minas Rio Pipeline

"The RDOWEB has contributed very positively to the management of logs at HTB. Since we started the partnership, Webdutos always acted as a company concerned to offer quality solutions and differentiated support."

Victor Gimenez

Engineering & Innovation Architect, key user of RDOWEB

"The use of RDOWEB made the management of Labor Journal Reports of the enterprise easier, where the involved processes were automated and simplified with the use of RDOWEB. Webdutos has always acted in a extremely committed way with the quality of it's deliveries, the implementation methodologies and support being effective and acceding to the market trends."

Fernando Bacchin

IT Coordinator - P76 Project

“We are very satisfied with the technical support from Webdutos. The delivered training attended the expectations, as well as the adjustments cycle and the improvements requested. All of them have been attended.”

Caio Araripe

Contractual Administration – 29 de Março Construction

“The software proved to be a very interesting tool to control the headcount and productivity, providing us with an online access to the appropriations and the team's performance, avoiding financial losses. avoiding financial losses.”

Danilo Vessozi

Contracts Coordinator SGS - Brazil

"Full mark: All the requests made by Ilha Pura have been fulfilled!"

Daniella Coelho

Quality Coordinator - Ilha Pura

"Positive point: Application of Webdutos' softwares for controling the CQ activies."

Minas Rio Pipeline

"The RDOWeb is a platform for issuing RDO in a fully electronic format that ensures standardization of the information registered by filling specific fields in the platform. platform. All these data are stored creating a database that can be used not only for be used not only to record the complete history of projects, but also to pre of the most diverse types of reports, histograms, and progress curves. And besides all of this, it is electronically signed, eliminating once and for all the paper in this process. "

Débora Araújo

Risk and Contracts Team
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